For sellers, joining the Early Payout Program means that, rather than waiting until an item is authenticated, you receive your money as soon as it ships and UPS scans it into our system.

To qualify for Early Payout, you must have at least 100 successful sales within the last 12 months, total sales of $25,000, and no more than 1 combined verification failure or cancellation. This is currently for US, UK, and EU sellers only. 

If you believe you meet these requirements and wish to be considered for the program, contact [email protected] Once enrolled, visit turn on Early Payout. This setting must be activated via web, not the app, but will work on any platform once turned on.

If an item fails authentication, and you’ve already been paid for it via Early Payout, we will simply charge your credit card on file and recapture the funds. No harm, no foul.

Important Notes: 

-StockX has instant payout limitations. StockX sets allowances for the frequency and amount of early payouts based on your seller history and additional account information. This may result in orders where instant payout is not available, though the feature will automatically return after some time. 

-If your sale does not meet our criteria, payout will be sent once the item is authenticated by StockX. Please note that this may occur on an occasional basis, as determined by StockX.

-We also reserve the right to enable/disable your Early Payout status at any time, for any reason. 

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