While we’d hate to see you go, we have a few options to support your account change. 

Delete your billing information -  Deletes your billing and shipping address, along with any credit cards on file. You can view this information at stockx.com/settings.

Deactivate or suspend your account - Blocks the ability to make purchases or sales though you can still access your account. We can reactivate your account at a later date if you message support. This can be paired with deleting billing information. 

Delete your account - Deletes your account and billing information.

If you'd like to initiate any of these actions, email us at [email protected] with the specific option and we can proceed with your request. If there is anyway we can make your experience better, please let us know. 

If you would like more information about the Data Security Issue, including our response and how your account is protected, click here and read our blog.

Note: When a customer asks us to erase their information, some information has to be retained for legal and security reasons. This is in line with data privacy laws (including the GDPR) which do not require us to delete all information in its entirety.  We also need to keep a record of transactions in case of legal disputes and for tax purposes. 

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