Prior to selling your Apple Watch, the Activation Lock must be turned off. To do this, unpair your iPhone and your Apple Watch with the following steps:

  • Place your iPhone near your Apple Watch
  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and select My Watch 
  • Select your watch, and tap the info icon
  • Select Unpair Apple Watch 
  • If cellular model, be sure to remove the carrier plan
  • Enter your Apple ID Password
  • Confirm

In the case you’re unable to access your iPhone or Apple Watch, of if your Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone you can’t access, follow these steps:

  • On a computer, go to and sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select Find My iPhone
  • Within All Devices, click your Apple Watch
  • Erase Apple Watch, select Next until the device is erased
  • Click the “X” icon next to your Apple Watch
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