Just as you don’t know the identity of the person you buy Amazon or Apple stock from on the New York Stock Exchange, StockX operates the same way: as a completely anonymous marketplace. 

Trust us, it’s better this way. We know how frustrating bots and scammers can be when you’re trying to buy or sell that new pair of coveted kicks or your Louis handbag. That’s why our team works vigilantly to ensure that every seller and buyer is 100% legitimate. No burner accounts here. 

As a bonus, this means both buyers and sellers have a lot less work to do. Buyers don’t have to do hours of research on a seller’s history and rating, and sellers don’t have to take photos or write witty descriptions of the items they are selling. We take care of it all. 

On StockX, all you have to do is click Bid or Ask and we take care of the rest. 

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