When you find a buyer for your watch, all that’s left is to ship the watch to StockX for authentication. Don't worry, we cover all shipping and insurance costs. Follow our recommended steps outlined below for easy and safe shipping through UPS.

• Carefully package your watch within a small box, use additional packaging such as bubble wrap, paper, foam padding, or packing peanuts to reduce any movement of the watch. 

• Attach inner box with supplied label.

• Place the smaller box inside of a larger courier box. Again, be sure movement is restricted with additional cushioning. 

• Place order sheet on top of the smaller box for processing on our end.

• Seal all seams and flaps on the outside box with clear or non-descriptive tape. 

• Print the provided shipping label and affix to the outer box. 

• Choose your wording carefully so as not to reference the valuable contents of the package. 

• Call 1-800-PICK-UPS to schedule a pick up, or drop the parcel at your nearest UPS center. Note: For insurance to cover the package, you must drop off at a manned UPS center. 

• We record the opening of each package once it arrives to verify the condition and shipping method. 

Note: you must ship from a location from the country your billing/shipping address is tied to. ie if you're from the U.S., you need to ship FROM U.S., not Canada. Otherwise, you may be charged shipping.

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