To help ensure your package will be successfully accepted at all StockX authentication centers, please ensure that you complete the following steps:

  • Place your invoice (first page of your shipping documents) inside the shoebox and/or envelope with the product.
  • Place the shoebox and or sleeve into a bigger and sufficiently sized shipping box. This box should be no more than 2 inches (5 cm) larger than the item on each side.  
  • Remove any personal items from the shoebox and or shipping box.
  • Use bubble wrap and/or packing paper to ensure that your item is secure while in transit.
  • Properly tape and secure the shipping box. 
  • Tape or insert the StockX provided UPS label to the outside of your shipping box (UPS stores should provide a folder on the outside of your package for free).

***Please note: if there are HAZMAT stickers and/or markings on the box you are using to ship your item, you MUST remove them before shipping to StockX. Even if your item does not contain these materials it is illegal to ship with these labels on the box. If we receive a box with HAZMAT labels we will have no choice but to turn it over to the appropriate authorities.

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